Recent Events at St Anne’s Winery

At St Anne’s Winery, our calendar of events gets bigger and better every year—and 2018 has proven to be no different.

Over the past few months we have seen the Argentinian Barbeque; Paella Day; the Health and Harmony Expo; The Cars, Food and Wine Festival; and The Big 80s Party.

We’d like to tell you about two of our recent events, which were some of our biggest and most successful:

The Cars, Food and Wine Festival

In April we opened up our garage and unleashed every make, model, size and colour of classic car we could get our hands on.

We were presented with glorious sunshine as the grounds of the St Anne’s Winery were filled to the brim with the look of shiny metal, the sound of rumbling engines, and the aroma of burning rubber.

And in between all of that, we had delicious food and delectable wine for the thousands of visitors, families, and car enthusiasts to enjoy.

It was truly a fantastic day that celebrated the need for speed.

If you couldn’t make it then check out this video of the day’s festivities.  

Paella Day


In July we hosted our Paella Day, and it was also a great event for everyone who attended.

Our delicious menu consisted of two options: paella with mussels, tender prawns & calamari—and paella with chicken & chorizo, fire roasted capsicum, sautéed garlic, smoky paprika & saffron.

These mains were complemented with three types of croquettes: beer and manchego; cheese and mac; as well as Pea and mint—not to mention a dessert of churros.

The ambience was completed with live music by No Dramas. An amazing day enjoyed by all.

Health and Harmony Expo

Also in July, we hosted the Health and Harmony Expo which offered everything healing and healthy.

We were well and truly relaxed with the range of visitors and stallholders, including crystals, healing, wellness, vegan and gluten-free diets

Argentinian BBQ

In September, we hosted another Argentinian BBQ with delightful fare from Senor BBQ. We had great food, great wine and great company!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more great upcoming events as we head into the end of the year and, most importantly, the warmer weather.

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