5 Reasons St. Anne’s Vineyards Is The Perfect Victorian Winery Wedding Venue

Vineyards make the perfect location for weddings with their balance of nature, scenic panoramas, and rustic surrounds contrasted with the elegance of all a wedding involves. If you’re looking for a venue for your special day, look no further than St. Anne’s Vineyards for your perfect Victorian Winery Wedding. We’ve compiled a list below of just some of the ways we can help make this special day that much more memorable.

Unsurpassed Scenery & Setting

Whatever the season you’ve planned your wedding in, at St Anne’s we can provide the perfect setting, whether it’s indoors in our elegant Bluestone Chapel, out in the fresh warm air in our courtyard or amongst our grape vines, or with the serene backdrop of a lake and swaying willow trees. We accommodate for intimate gatherings and larger parties of up to 300, so regardless of the size, we can ensure your wedding is an event every guest will remember.

Elegance With a Rustic Backdrop

There’s something about a well-dressed gathering in a vineyard setting that accentuates the beauty of both. Nothing says country wedding like rustic centrepieces, soft pastels and wooden tones set against the gorgeous tones provided by nature. Wooden barrels make fantastic makeshift table tops for your guests to gather around and rest their drinks. Well-placed lanterns add that extra glow of romance as the sun begins to set. St Anne’s provides the most serene atmosphere that will surpass any bride’ and groom’s expectations.

Catered Reception

Whether you’re looking for a sit-down banquet-style reception or a more casual stand-up affair, our award-winning chef can cater to your needs. With a focus on fresh seasonal produce, we take the stress out of having to source catering from outside vendors and instead do it all for you. There’s no need for the wedding party and guests to move from the ceremony to reception venue either. As St Anne’s, your entire event can be held at the one location, so you and your guests can relax and just focus on enjoying the day.

Transport & Accommodation

We’re not going to beat about the vines here: vineyards by necessity are generally remote. It’s what makes them ideal settings, set amid the serenity of nature and away from the noise of other city venues. This does, however, present problems in the form of where your guests will stay and how they will get to your wedding and back to their accommodation.


Luckily, St Anne’s Myrniong location is equally close to Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong, so your guests will enjoy a scenic drive of less than an hour to reach us. We know the area inside out, so we can help with local accommodation and transport recommendations.

Ready to Plan Your Winery Wedding?

Get in touch with St. Anne’s today and let us help you plan for your Victorian winery wedding. For enquiries about our country weddings and for more information, contact us or visit our weddings page. 

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