Back when we  started making fortified wines, we referred to them as “Ports”. It’s been decades, and the love and passion we have for them hasn’t wavered.

But, if you know your fortified wines, you might be aware of changes in the Port industry. Nowadays, Port is a fortified wine made in Portugal’s Duoro Valley. Anything made anywhere else cannot be ‘Port’. The term we use instead is Tawny, and that’s what we make here at St Anne’s.

We are proud of our Tawnies: they are a particular passion of ours. We have been making them for generations now, so we’ve refined and discovered what really works. They will impress the connoisseur, and welcome those who have no previous history with fortifieds.

Our Tawnies fall into two basic categories: those made from black grapes and those made from white grapes. Within those categories, they then vary by the kind of barrel used to mature them. For traditionalists, there are the two popular oak-matured varieties; French and American oak.  We also age our Tawnies in Rum, Bourbon, Scotch Whiskey and Brandy barrels to impart some of the flavours of the former occupant. So, for a Scotch lover, we might recommend trying our Foundry Tawny from our old Scotch Whisky barrels. Or, for a bourbon drinker, our Jack’s Barrel Tawny.

We also offer fine Liqueur Tawnies. For the chocolate lover (i.e. everybody), we have Tawnies blended with fine chocolate from the Echuca Chocolate Company. Pick your favourite chocolate and enjoy– white, dark or even chocolate orange.

Once you decide which Tawny is your favourite, you can make a more permanent arrangement. We offer beautiful, handmade oak barrels to show off your Tawny: perfect for the mantlepiece or as a unique gift. Refill it as many times as you like.

Browse our extensive range: you’ll find something worthy of a place in any cellar.

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