St Anne’s Magenta

There are those out there who don’t like wine. Yep, strange people, we agree, but they are out there. Some who don’t like wine level the claim that “all wine is the same”. Of course it isn’t, but there are rich veins of tradition in the varietals and blends produced and enjoyed all over the world which may be mistake for a “sameness”.

Take our Tatalia Heathcote Shiraz, for example. Like many other like reds from all over the world, this one is made from the shiraz (or syrah) grape. But what sets it apart from other wines which share the same name — like a South African shiraz or Rhône syrah — is where the grapes are grown.

As the name suggests, our shiraz is made from grapes grown in the famous Heathcote wine region of Victoria. The soil and climate of a region have a strong influence on the flavour of wines. In the case of the Heathcote region, its red soil is known for its water holding capacity and the region’s southerly winds keep temperatures cooler than the surrounding areas.

These unique geographic traits — along with other environmental traits known in totality as the terroir — contribute to a Heathcote shiraz tasting completely different from a Barossa shiraz or a Rhône syrah, even though they are made from the same grape variety.

But sometimes you just want something completely different. Sure, our Heathcote Shiraz tastes different from our Perricoota Shiraz, but it’s still a shiraz and they do share certain characteristics.

This is where St Anne’s Magenta comes in. Usually wines are named for the grapes they are made from, or the region in which those grapes were grown…not Magenta! We’ve broken convention and named this unique wine after the complexity and character of the final product. Full flavoured, perfumed, intense fruit flavours — the name fits.

Magenta is a sweet red that we think is best served chilled. So go on, try the fruits of our convention-breaking experimentation here. We think Magenta is very special — we hope you do too.


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