Our Top Reasons to Love Shiraz

Shir-ahz or Shir-azz… however you choose to pronounce it there is so much to love about the punchy, peppery red wine that has everyone talking.

So what’s all the fuss about Shiraz, you ask? Well we think there are plenty of reasons to enjoy its spicy, rich flavours but here are our top picks!

It’s full of flavour

A classic red wine, the Shiraz grape is grown almost everywhere in Australia and when it comes to flavour it’s well-known for packing a quality punch.

Shiraz is typically a medium to full-bodied wine with flavour profiles that vary according to how and where it’s made. And the St Anne’s Perricoota Shiraz is a perfect example of everything we love about Shiraz – intense purple tones, mouth-watering dark berry aromas and delectable plum and spice flavours.

It’s available now from our online store or at St Anne’s Cellar Door locations

It makes delicious food even better

One of the drier varieties of red wine, Shiraz is a match made in heaven with foods like grilled or roasted red and white meats, cured meats and aged cheeses.

A beautifully paired wine can be the perfect complement to a great meal, and the bolder Shiraz flavours can help to highlight the intensity of spicy foods and asian flavoured dishes.

You don’t need a special occasion…

If you thought Shiraz should be tucked away and saved for a special night out, think again.

The humble bottle of Shiraz can fit just as well on the Tuesday night dinner table as it does at a fancy restaurant, with affordable, everyday drinking wines like our Perricoota Shiraz.

And you don’t need to wait! Shiraz can be enjoyed young, so there’s no need to park it away in a wine cellar for years on end.

…but Shiraz is also perfect for special occasions!

They say there’s no show without punch, and whether you’re honouring someone’s special day or bringing friends and family together to celebrate, a quality bottle of Shiraz in any of our varieties will be a welcome party guest. Choose to toast with our impressive Sparkling Shiraz or complement a rich dessert with our fantastic Shiraz Liqueur. Alternatively give the gift of patience and cellar our fabulous Heathcote Shiraz for up to ten years.

And for the person who has everything, consider gifting a St Anne’s picnic experience. A unique way of enjoying a relaxing afternoon in our beautiful gardens at Myrniong, this special gift option includes a hamper full of exquisite cheeses, antipasto, boutique smallgoods and a bottle of St Anne’s Sparkling Shiraz.

We’re passionate about Shiraz as we are about all of our beautiful wines, and we welcome you to visit for a Cellar Door wine tasting at one of our four locations, or stay for a memorable picnic experience at Myrniong Cellar Door.


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