Become Your Own Cellar Master at Home

Wine barrels are central to what we do at St. Anne’s. We source our handmade barrels in France and Eastern Europe where the fine grain wood helps to create the complex flavour sensations in our wines. Those who have visited any of our cellar doors will know how these impressive wine barrels can create an incredible atmosphere to enjoy a drink in. They are so coveted that we have produced our own mini oak barrels for customers to mature their favourite products at home.



The cellar master’s trademark product

There are three sizes these Premium Oak Barrels come in, small (5l), medium (10l) and large (20l). The signature product includes a tap, bung and stand for you to stylishly showcase your new Cellar Master feature. On top of that, the barrel will be filled with any choice of your favourite St. Anne’s product from Tawnies to even a Muscat.


Endless choices from only the best wines

We’ve designed the wine list so that there’s something for everyone. And with an oak barrel, you will be able to age pretty much anything you choose. Our selection of wines you can choose from are Bluegrass Tawny, Cellar Reserve Tawny, Classic Tawny, Foundry Tawny, Jacks Barrel Tawny, Muscat, Old Oak Tawny, Rebellion Tawny and White Fortified. It’s then up to you on how you’d like to age your wine at home. And with time, it’ll taste even better.


Only the best benefits

There’s just something revitalizing about getting a drink straight from your own barrel. Having been around for more than thousands of years, the timelessness of the tradition that comes with barrel-aging wine should be cherished. With absolute control on maturing the wine, you can ensure that you’ll always have your very own signature blend and it would also be an impressive addition to your home. Once you’ve finished, you can always top up online or drop into our store, we’ll be happy to fill you up.  


The oak barrel is a Cellar Master’s greatest object to create the best wine and now you can do it too. The Premium Oak Barrel is available online, in-store or call us at 03 5480 0099 to find out more. The best part is we’ll ship it to you for free.

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