The Perfect Food Pairings for Pink Moscato Wine

St Anne’s Pink Moscato

Made from red Muscat grapes picked from our vineyard, St Anne’s Pink Moscato wine is full of bright strawberry fruit flavours with a creamy spritzy finish. Low in alcohol, our Moscato is an ideal refreshment for summer days. However, the delicate flavours in the wine demand special attention when pairing with food.

Finding the Perfect Pairing

It might sound counterintuitive, but when when pairing Moscato opposites attract. Too often Moscato is reduced to a dessert wine and offered up alongside highly sweet puddings. You’ll taste the difference when serving this wine alongside; spicy, salty, bitter and even sour foods.

The bolder the flavour, the better the pairing.

Our Recommendations


The lightness of our Pink Moscato won’t leave you feeling sleepy or bloated, we like to drink it as an alternative to heavier breakfast cocktails. It pairs particularly well with tarter fruits like Grapefruit and Passionfruit. Alternatively you can’t beat it with smashed Avocado and goats cheese on toasted rye bread.


Use the natural sweetness of Pink Moscato to beautifully balance seafood dishes at lunch. The flavours of King Crab, Prawns and grilled fish are all elevated when the right pairing is made. Likewise, the sharpness of mature cheeses and the bitterness of pickles found in a Ploughman’s sharing board can be rounded superbly by our wine.


As the heat of the day subsides it’s time to dial up the spice. St Annes Pink Moscato wine contrasted with your favourite Chinese and Thai dishes is a surefire winner. Try adding a few more chilli seeds to the next Green Curry you make and savour the crisp flavour of our wine mingling with the other ingredients on your palette.

From Asia to Europe, spicy cured meat and other antipasto find a friend in our Pink Moscato. When used as starters, these items take on a new life when paired with our wine. From your first course you can nimbly move to another of our range for your main course. The pairing possibilities are endless.

You can order our wine online or visit our open cellars to fill your cellar for those long hot summer days.


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