Our Country Weddings: Your Intimate and Rustic Escape

For your wedding, venture out to country Victoria!

For those who want a day that truly celebrates their character as a couple, country weddings are a stunning choice.

Glitzy, over-the-top weddings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some guests won’t feel at home with tuxedos and limousines. Wedding have become competitive – who can have the biggest, most luxurious wedding. Over the years, these celebrations have become the norm. But, as those who have been to one might tell you, they’re not the most enjoyable of occasions. They can feel stiff, brash, and stilted: not like the celebration of love and togetherness that they ought to be.

If you want your guests to be relaxed and comfortable, you might want to consider a more country style wedding. Country weddings offer a remarkable balance of style, intimacy, and enjoyment.

Keeping everyone happy is hard. Perhaps your parents are traditionalists, and want you to get married in a church with a minister. But perhaps you or your partner don’t feel quite at home in that setting – not everyone does! At St. Anne’s, we can find you a middle ground that doesn’t feel like a compromise. The rustic charm of our beautifully restored bluestone chapel is enchanting all year round. And it will please the traditionalists. We also accommodate (and welcome) completely secular weddings in this setting.

And for those who eschew traditionalism all together, why not have your wedding out in the open? For those who feel most at home in the outdoors, this is an obvious choice. You can choose our courtyard area, or a selection of places amongst the lush gardens. You have the flexibility of choice, and we invite you to come and take a walkthrough with one of our wedding planners to truly find the place you feel reflects your character as a couple best.

Our location in central country Victoria affords many benefits. Obviously, being a vineyard, we’re going to say one of the best things about this location is the wine. We’re so lucky to have so much fresh, local produce available to us – and we count our full range of wines among that. Our award-winning chef prioritises seasonal produce to ensure the freshness – freshness that you can taste. Whether you are looking for a traditional sit-down banquet-style reception, or a more casual canape dining experience, the produce will be the star of the show… Aside from the bride, of course. At St. Anne’s, we do everything to make you and your guests feel at home. Everything is to ensure that that the experience and memories last a lifetime.

For enquries about our country weddings, this is the place to start. And of course, for more information about our weddings, visit our Weddings page.

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