Chocolate Liqueur: A Dreamy Dessert

Chocolate: the world’s most-loved food? Who could argue?

We’ve found a way to marry our love of chocolate and our love of tawny through our chocolate liqueurs. If chocolate is the world’s most-loved food, surely our chocolate liqueur can be the world’s most-loved liqueur…

The approach we take to our grapes is the same to our chocolate: we are meticulous. We wouldn’t settle for anything but the best! That’s why we’re so glad to work with fellow Echucans, the Echuca Chocolate Company. They really do make sensational chocolate!

And chocolate and Tawny make sensational partners.

We took great care in crafting our liqueur for more than a couple of reasons. One of them is obvious: to maintain the integrity of both the Tawny and of the chocolate. Which doesn’t just mean making a high-quality product to reflect the high-quality ingredients. It means paying careful attention to the balance of flavours. We wanted to display both the complexity of the tawny’s flavour and the richness of the chocolate. Although “smothered in chocolate” is rarely a negative thing, it wasn’t what we were aiming for.  We still wanted to display the arrangement of sweet fruit and integrated oak from our Tawny. Our goal was to create a beautifully balanced liqueur. And we hope you agree that we’ve done it – across our whole range of liqueurs!

Try our Classic Chocolate Liqueur – delicious blend of fine Tawny and divine Chocolate

Our chocolate liqueur range includes all the favourites: White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, and – of course – Classic Chocolate. Although we’re a winery, we still make the case for liqueurs as cellar and pantry essentials. They’re definitely more versatile than you think! Here’s our case for chocolate…

Sometimes, simple is best. The basic approach is to serve it lightly chilled after dinner, or alongside a dessert. After a meal is the classic time to serve a liqueur. There’s less of a conversation around liqueur pairings than there is wine: you’d be hard pressed to find a liqueur paired with a main. But it’s not unheard of, and if you’re prepared to take the risk, we would never stop you. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

So, liqueur with dessert? Our classic chocolate liqueur is perfect with a light dessert of strawberries. Or with a steaming espresso. In an espresso. Or even with a cheese platter. But it’s not just an accompaniment to dessert – it can be part of the main event.

Pour it over a scoop of fine vanilla ice cream for a quick but luxurious dinner party dessert. Chocolate, vanilla, ice cream… A dreamy mix.

For cocktail ideas, follow the same thread. Think of those classic chocolate combinations: chocolate and mint, white chocolate and raspberry.

Whatever approach you take, we know the depth of flavour will surprise you. So, for a new way to enjoy chocolate, pick up a bottle of St Anne’s Liqueur! Purchase them through our online cellar door.

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