Half Wine Barrels: The Gardener’s Guide

How to get the best out of your barrel: half wine barrels for your backyard

We’re winemakers. So, yes, we’re uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our barrels. But when we put our half wine barrels up for sale, we know that you’re probably going to put your lemon tree in it. And we’re ok with that. Really, we are!

You just have to visit our Myrniong cellar door to realise we’re a big fan of decorating with barrels. Visit the same place to see that we’re also keen gardeners. P.S. It’s only 50 minutes from Melbourne– come see us!

What you’ll learn if you make the trip is this: We think half barrels are a perfectly appropriate place for your lemon tree. And here’s why:

Barrels can’t mature wines forever.

After a while, the beautiful oaky characteristics fade away. Which doesn’t mean that the wood is degrading, but rather that it has given all it can to the wine. So, once they are done at the winery, it’s great to see them go to a good home.


But they’re not immediately ideal for use as a planter. Oak, the material of choice for wine barrels is watertight. Which is fantastic for wine… And less fantastic for plants. Regardless of what you’re planting, it won’t appreciate being swamped in. So, before you dive in and plant, make sure you at least drill a few holes in the bottom. Cover those with mesh for best results, and to prevent soil loss.

You can be sure true wine barrels will last longer than the cheap reproductions. If you’re concerned about the wood being exposed to the elements, you can add a layer of varnish. If you’re not willing to go to those lengths, some suggest spraying the wood with vinegar to prevent mildew and mould growing.

Worth the work

With your half wine barrels, we really suggest you go the extra mile. Maybe it’s just because we’re winemakers, but we really see the value in looking after your barrel.

But there is something so satisfying about working on a barrel. After all, those who dedicate themselves to growing grapes aren’t that far from those who dedicate themselves to growing their gardens. You’re probably the kind of person with a little patience. You’re willing to wait if it will give you the results you want.

As with winemaking, and gardening, growing an oak for barrel usage takes a little time. These oaks spend around a century growing in a forest. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to see them turned into woodchips? Give them the honour of growing something new! We have some small whole barrels on offer online already.

Our special half and full sized wine barrels can be found at our cellar doors: be sure to give us a call if you can’t make it down! We’re sure to have a perfect planter for you, and we can ship to Melbourne and beyond.

Contact us with your questions!

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