Magical Myrniong: Top Wedding Venue in Victoria

A Magical Place for Any Wedding

Here at St Anne’s, we like to imagine that if you were to make a list of the top ten wedding venues in Victoria, our Myrniong vineyard and cellar door would certainly be given a spot. If not be number one. And while some may think that this is a terribly conceited stance to take, if you were only to experience a St Anne’s Wedding, you would know that the care and professionalism of our staff, combined with the rustic beauty of our vineyard makes it the perfect location for any wedding.

What makes us a perfect venue is not only the secluded and magical venue itself, nor the beauty of our vineyards and decorations, nor the dedicated team of professionals that will treat your wedding like their own, nor the magnificent food prepared by our award winning Chef, but instead is a culmination of all these important aspects and more, blooming into the perfect ceremony and reception tailored to every couple.

The Perfect Fit for Everyone

Whether you want to be married under the great Australian sky in the warmer months, or prefer an indoor location ideal for the cool Victorian Autumn or Winter, St Anne’s will have the perfect option for your special day. 

Our weddings in The Willows comfortably seat up to 300 people and is an ideal location with

its surrounding lake and ageing willow trees, it provides one of the most beautiful and the best wedding venues in Victoria. Or for a more intimate gathering The Vines, looking out over our Riesling vines, provides an ideal space for weddings of up to 120 people. No matter the specifics of your occasion, St. Anne’s will make it momentous.

Regional Victoria is renowned for its magnificent ‘Golden Hour’, the time of day that produces the perfect natural light, and photographers rave about the combination of Myrniong’s ‘Golden Hour’ and St. Anne’s variety of backdrops for providing magical wedding photos.

No matter who you are, or where you come from, at St Anne’s, we will go above and beyond to make every dream about your wedding come true, and provide impeccable service at every turn.

We cherish every opportunity to be a part of your special day, and provide you with one of the best rural wedding venues in Victoria.


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