Wonderful spring in the vineyard.

We’ve had a wonderful Spring in the vineyard.  Good rainfall and mild weather has worked in our favour.  The vineyard canopies, and developing fruit, look great and that’s making us really excited about the coming vintage.


We’re looking forward to gently managing our vineyards through Summer now, and with a milder than usual Summer predicted, that also looks a good omen for an excellent quality vintage.


We expect Vintage to kick off around the first week in February, 2021, which is about normal timing.  We have recently experienced a string of early vintages due to drought – but this year looks so much better.  We have our full team of winemakers ready for harvest, along with our new Assistant Winemaker Luca, who joins us from the home of Prosecco in Italy, Valdobbiadene.


Christmas has come early for our winemakers with a recent delivery of brand new French Oak Hogsheads for us to put our magnificent 2020 Shiraz and Cabernet in for maturation.  Winemaking takes time and patience, so these wines will go to barrel for nearly a year, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting them as they do look fantastic as young wines!



New releases 

We’ve got some special releases this month.  We’ve sourced a small amount of Oak barrels specially coopered for us in Cognac.  They are really amazing barrels and we’re releasing them at the same price as our normal release barrels.  They come with tap and stand, as well as a traditional bung with fabric insert – just like our winery barrels.   The oak was specially sourced from the Limousin Oak forests of central France.


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