White Chocolate Liqueur: The Secret Ingredient


White Chocolate Liqueur: Doesn’t sound like a versatile ingredient. White chocolate doesn’t even sound like a versatile ingredient. Some people (naysayers!) even question whether it is really chocolate. That argument aside, we’d like to start another…

It’s an ingredient (or an accompaniment) with enormous potential. Heston Blumenthal found the most incredible pairing by accident. Before he began his molecular gastronomy journey, he knew that a hint of salt could really make the chocolate flavours sing.

A beautifully sweet white chocolate Tawny you didn’t know you needed

So he started to experiment with other salty foods, from anchovies to cured meats. And then he found the absolute prime pairing: white chocolate and caviar. But here’s the thing: caviar’s not exactly the kind of thing you pick up at the supermarket…. It can cost thousands of dollars per kilogram.

If you ever do have a dinner party where caviar is a part of the offering, we wholeheartedly recommend you enjoy it with our White Chocolate Liqueur.

But there are more realistic pairings out there. The spirit of innovation runs pretty deep here at St. Anne’s, and we’d hate to be boring. So we’ve peppered the de rigueur with the outlandish.

When you think white chocolate, you probably think strawberries, raspberries.


When we’re thinking about the versatility of chocolate, white chocolate scores better than milk or dark.

The reason lies in the bitterness of the cocoa.  It can be unpleasant in high concentrations, or when paired with other acidic foods. Using only cocoa butter to make white chocolate ensures that, on the bitterness scale, it’s a zero. The acidity in the fruit works beautifully with that creaminess.

White chocolate, and consequently our liqueurs, can take on the highly acidic fruits like lime. A key lime pie would be a great place to try integrating our liqueur. Or a zesty cheesecake.

Outside of dessert, think cocktails. A White Chocolate Russian. A creamier Espresso Martini. An impressive Affogato. Let your experimental streak take over!


Back to basics, there is something to be said about white chocolate and cheese.

The creamier the cheese the better: grab a brie and throw it on your cheeseboard. When you pull out the white chocolate liqueur, your guests will think you’re the next Heston. Ok, maybe not, but they’ll definitely say thank you.

If you really want to ruffle some feathers, you can go down this route: white chocolate and wasabi. White chocolate and wasabi is a tried-and-tested combination, believe it or not! Go looking for a white chocolate and wasabi cake recipe, and you’ll be surprised by the number you find! Just go easy on the wasabi– not everyone appreciates the horseradish heat…


But here’s the biggest secret: the best combination of them all.

White chocolate and tawny. The fruit notes of the tawny, the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate… There is nothing better, in our opinion. If only there was somewhere you could get those carefully blended and pre-bottled together…

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