Sweet Muscat Wine: A Fabulous Pairing for Every Meal

A dessert platter with two cupcakes covered in icing sugar. On the platter are also a bunch of black grapes.

Muscat is one of Australia’s most famous dessert wines: sweet and fragrant.

Dessert wines are often fortified wines, because the addition of a spirit halts fermentation, and thus the consumption of naturally occurring sugar. Hence the sweetness. Hence the label ‘dessert wine’.

St Anne's sweet Muscat Wine – a black bottle with a green lid and label. The label reads "St Anne's Muscat – Australian Fortified Wine"
Our original Muscat – a lovely raisoned vintage

But not everyone knows how to match a sweet wine. Especially if it’s not your usual choice, it’s not always easy to make the decision. Our Muscat and Liqueur Muscat, however, are so delicious we just hope it might tempt you to start them on a more regular rotation.

When to serve it…

We’re not strict traditionalists. We are of the opinion that experiment and enjoyment are partners– so we’ve suggested both dessert and savoury pairings. We’ll think you’ll appreciate it.


You’d usually find Muscat serve with dessert. And that’s not incorrect– don’t get us wrong! It’s absolutely the perfect time to serve it– sweetness meets sweetness and beautiful combinations are made.

As long as the wine is at least as sweet as the dessert to which you are matching it. This is a good rule of thumb when you’re experimenting.

But which desserts work well?

St Anne's Liqueur Muscat – a long, slim black bottle with a bronze label.
Our Liqueur Muscat its a carefully blended and lusciously aged Muscat

Here, there are abundant opinions. One of our tried-and-tested combinations is our Liqueur Muscat with Christmas Plum Pudding. The acid line of this wine will help to cut through the richness of the pudding– what a good partnership! Those in the USA have a similarly festive idea, but for Thanksgiving. It might not be common in Australia, but some say it’s the best wine pairing for a pumpkin pie. So that’s something to consider…

Muscat is pretty extraordinary– it’s one of the few wines that stands up to that other beverage we’re obsessed with– coffee. The sweetness can cut the bitterness from your coffee! So if you’re the kind of person who finishes a meal with an espresso, you can now become the kind of person who finishes a meal with an espresso and a glass of Muscat.


If you’re up for the challenge… Remember, maple syrup and bacon is a very popular combination, and there’s a good reason for it. It might make a few people’s noses crinkle, but you can’t argue with that principle. Sweet plus salty! So some suggest hard cheeses like cheddar or some lightly salted almonds. The sweetness, too, is excellent for quelling heat in food– so curries with chilli are definitely not out of the question.

Have you experienced an amazing pairing with Muscat? We’d love to hear about it! Our inbox is always open!

Time to start experimenting? Our cellar door’s open online, too!

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