The Art of Autumn Wine Pairings

There’s something in the air these days, and it’s not the heat.  It’s the anticipation of Autumn!  After a summer of unpredictable weather, it’s safe to say that the approach of the cooler weather is welcomed.  Not only does it mean a change in temperature, it means a change in flavours too!  What better way to truly embrace the season than exploring deeper into the art of the perfect pairing?

It’s time to reach for the flavours that echo the richness of the season; velvety Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons, and spicy Shiraz with bold flavours paired perfectly with hearty stews of beef or lamb.  But that doesn’t mean you can forget about the white wines.  Pair a Chardonnay with Autumn vegetables like pumpkin or squash, to balance out a richer, more indulgent dish.  Its lively fruit notes enhance rich flavours, adding elegance to any meal.  


Of course, no wine selection would be complete without the season’s sweet favourites – fortified wine!  For dessert, settle in with the ultimate indulgent combination: a sweet treat paired with one of our fortified wines.  Our diverse selection of Fortified Wines has a range of styles and flavour profiles, making them the perfect finishing touch to wrap up any elevated dining experience.

A perfectly paired glass of wine has the power to enhance your experience & make memories that last forever.  So as you embrace the season, don’t forget to raise a glass to good food, good company, and great wine.  Cheers to Autumn, the most delicious time of the year!

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