Oak Barrels for Home Ageing

St Anne’s Winery provides connoisseurs with an ideal opportunity to craft a uniquely flavoured house-fortified wine. Our range of seasoned and filled oak barrels provides you with all the ingredients to age and mature our selection of premium fortified wines to your satisfaction. Choose between tawny, muscat and white fortified, blending and topping up as required.

Why Choose Our Oak Wine Barrels?

The Limousine oak forest in central France is a sustainable source of quality wood for wine and whiskey barrels. Conditions there are perfect for the oak trees, and the wood imparts a delicate flavour to the contents over many years. The wood is expertly turned into barrels of various sizes and designs by qualified coopers in Europe and delivered to our winery.

  • We offer new oak wine barrels for sale, but we mainly season the barrels at our winery with your preferred contents. Seasoning is essential, and our vintners do the task so you can enjoy your barrel immediately.
  • All filled barrels are finished with tap, stand and a traditional wooden bung with fabric liner. A traditional wooden wine barrel dipper (sold separately) allows you to keep tabs on the fullness of your barrel.
  • Refill bottles of your favourite fortified wine are available, ready for adding to the barrel.
  • A wooden whiskey barrel can lend excellent effect in your bar while further ageing select quantities of bourbon or scotch.

Looking for Gifts?

Order your next volume of fortified wine by the barrel from St Anne’s Winery, and we’ll deliver it anywhere in Australia. A small whiskey barrel is an excellent investment and the perfect gift.

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