White fortified wine… the secret’s out!

Well known for its unique and fresh flavour, our delicious White Fortified wine is more popular than ever and fast becoming a St Anne’s best-seller!

With three generations of fortified winemakers in the family, our wines are refined and sophisticated, lightly structured but full of flavour and rich in texture. The best thing is they last for months in the fridge, if you can resist that long!

So what’s the secret to creating – and enjoying – our White Fortified wine?


Get off to a grape start

Our delectable wine is made from the White Muscat variety, a grape normally used for Moscato. It typically only takes a year or two so it’s a young wine, but full of fresh flavours and character.  

Savour the flavour

Speaking of flavour, our Fortified White wine does not go to barrel at all.  We keep it in our modern stainless steel wine tanks to better preserve its natural flavours before bottling.

More is… more!

Let’s face it, when a wine is as delicious as our Fortified White it’s unlikely that one bottle will be enough. The solution? Get it by the barrel and let it age beautifully at home!

Three Wine Barrels at St Anne's Vineyard

Our handmade, quality oak barrels come complete with tap and stand and can be filled with any of our fortified wines. A real talking point to add to your home bar, simply choose your size, choose your fortified wine and we do the rest.

Order by the barrel here.

Relax, chill and get your just desserts

Personally, we love drinking a St Anne’s White Fortified chilled and straight from the fridge. But the best thing is, it’s a personal choice and can be enjoyed at room temperature as well. Either way, it’s a perfect sip to enjoy slowly and savour the beautiful flavours, lively fruit character and rich texture. Sweet and luscious, our White Fortified is also perfect as a dessert wine, so get creative and try it with vanilla ice cream and your favourite fruit.  

A time-honoured treat

One of the best things about fortified wine is how long it lasts, even once it’s been opened! Enjoy a glass or two and pop the bottle back in the fridge for another night. It also ages really well, becoming more golden with age and developing more mature flavours of dried fruit and raisins. You can even keep it in the fridge for months to enjoy once opened, so you’ll never waste a drop.

Fresh and fruity with a sweetness to be savoured, St Anne’s White Fortified wine is available in a 750ml bottle, or 2 litre or 5 litre barrel. Shop this sweet deal now!


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