Planning your Wedding Reception: The Old, the New, and the Distinctly Victorian…

In the past, a wedding reception was a breakfast.

Although this hasn’t been true for a good century or so, the term “wedding breakfast” is still often used in Britain. Centuries-old Christian traditions, prescribed fasting before receiving Holy Communion, and thus the wedding would be held in the morning to accommodate. The reception that follows is literally breaking that fast– hence the name. This tradition appears to have enjoyed its greatest vogue in the Victorian era, as a more conservative alternative to a wedding ball. These receptions were usually held at the home of the bride– decorated in white and floral: fuss and frills abounded in these traditions.

A feast, a horse-drawn carriage, heavy reliance on superstitions and symbols of luck and fertility…

While some that may sound appealing to today’s couples, there are certainly more options available than there have previously ever been. You don’t have to have a religious component to your ceremony, and your parents certainly don’t have to host your reception. But there can be a feast…

Your reception doesn’t have to be a sit-down dinner.

The modern trend of share food is perfect for a wedding. It’s a celebration of togetherness in itself! With an added bonus: with sit-down dinners, it’s difficult to accommodate for people’s dietary preferences– maybe they don’t want to choose between chicken and steak. That’s why we offer a stand-up banquet option– for a casual yet refined experience. Every taste is catered for, and every bite is exquisite.

Modern times allow couples to be themselves– to celebrate in any way that they like. New and exciting trends shape timeless receptions. But the idea behind them always remains the same: a celebration of the friendship between guests and the couple. And a heartfelt gratitude for those who have helped celebrate their love in the wedding ceremony. It is the bride and groom’s way of acknowledging both their own love and the love that they feel for their friends and extended family.

At St. Anne’s, love and passion are at the heart of everything we do.

We do all we can to give couples the balance: their freedom to do their wedding their way, but making sure it doesn’t become a huge burden of organisation. Our specialist wedding planner takes you through from ceremony to reception, food to flowers. Host your whole event here at our Myrniong vineyard in country Victoria: celebrate in the way you want with the people you love most.

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