St Anne’s Dry Rose


A delightfully refreshing dry style Rose.

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St Annes Dry Rose displays the most gorgeous light pink colour – just perfect for this delicate and dry style of rose.  It exudes a vibrant perfume of fresh rose petals, white flowers and redberry fruit accented with a hint of pink grapefruit. This cold fermented Shiraz Rosé has a round and soft palate with lingering acidity and a dry finish. A lovely companion for sushi rolls and Asian inspired dishes.

Made in a dry style, this Rose is light, crisp and delicate.  It’s made from Shiraz, so it shows plenty of delicate plum and berry characters.  The Shiraz is picked during the cool of the night, then quickly crushed and pumped into the wine press.  We the hold the Shiraz in the press and closely monitor the colour, flaours and tannin extraction from the juice.  When our talented winemakers determine the balance is just right, we press the juice out and remove it from the skins.  The pink juice is then clarified and fermented much like a white wine from this point.

St Annes Dry Rose is an early drinking style – perfect for Spring and Summer!  Normally we’d say to drink chilled, and this is certainly the case for hot afternoons, but be aware that the flavour and texture of this delicate dry style will be enhanced if its just slightly chilled, say 10-12 degrees rather than directly from the fridge.

Dry Rose is a perfect aperitif.  Try serving it with a cheese and fresh fruit platter.  Its certainly the new style for canapes!

For comparable styles, see our Pinot gris or Sauvignon blanc in our white wine selection here.

Best served chilled with friends.

St Annes Dry Rose is sold as single bottles, or in easy to handle cartons containing 6 bottles.  Grab a box to keep beside your fridge!

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