Oak Barrel for Sale


We have several barrels to suit your needs if you are looking for an oak barrel for sale to age Tawny. Tawny ages not just gracefully but beautifully. It gets better with every passing year and can live in an oak barrel for up to a century. But who has the patience for that?

Our mini Oak Barrels – made of fine oak – are a meaningful addition to any cellar or bar top. They may be low-tech, but they’re a great way to accelerate the ageing of the Tawny.

While our Tawnies are ready to drink the moment they’re bottled, experimenting with extra ageing can yield delicious rewards–they are low-tech because you can’t improve on perfection.

Bourbon Barrels for Sale

When you buy a full barrel, you can choose between any of our fortifieds, including our Muscat. Here’s a run-down of our selection.

  • Jack’s Barrel: Aged in Bourbon Barrels, this wine is popular for its intense bourbon flavours.
  • Bluegrass: American oak barrels allow the development of both fruit and bourbon flavours. A favourite for many.
  • Classic: A wine designed to showcase the rich history of Australian Tawny. Just like the name says, it’s a classic.
  • Cellar Reserve: Signature Brandy aromas and flavours in abundance.
  • Foundry: Scotch Whiskey barrels give another layer of complexity. It’s not just for whiskey lovers and can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • Old Oak: Beautiful French oak brings a silky soft touch to this wine
  • Rebellion: Rum flavours from – you guessed it – rum barrels! It’s delightfully smooth and silky – sure to surprise and delight.
  • White Fortified: This one will surely impress – luscious, lifted, and fruity!
  • Stop in at our cellar for a taste of any of these delights. You’ll get a free tasting and the story behind the wines. You can use our barrels again and again, and we offer refills! Delivered straight to your front door.

Oak Wine Barrels for Sale

Want to create your own signature Tawny blend? Get started with one of our barrels! All our barrels come with a bung, stand, and tap for your convenience. And they come in three different sizes: 5-, 10-, and 20 Litres. This makes a perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

We have everything you need to get started if you’re looking for a whisky barrel for sale.

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