Moscato: Our Sparkling White Wine

Moscato or Moscato D’Asti  is a lightly sparkling white wine, originating in Northern Italy. It is made from a range of varieties from the large Muscat family: one the world’s most planted and oldest grape varieties. Once exclusive to the town of Asti in Piedmont, the Moscato style is now produced globally. For St Anne’s, it is a particular favourite. It’s perfect for an Australian spring and summer. And here’s why: our warmest months are crowded with parties and family gatherings. So you need a wine that’s refreshing, light, and versatile. And that wine is Moscato.

You may have some preconceived ideas about Moscato. Perhaps that it is ‘just a dessert wine’ or that it is overly sweet. However, a high-quality Moscato has just a delicate touch of sweetness that is in balance with the pretty floral characters. The delicate balance with Moscatos, in fact, comes from the shorter fermentation process. Moscatos are low in alcohol, and thus slightly sweet: the fermentation is halted with some of the natural sugar still remaining. Our Moscatos are the perfect balance of fruit, zesty acidity and spritz.

For the drinker, the combination of style and sweetness makes it an easy wine to drink. And it’s definitely a crowd pleaser: even inexperienced wine drinkers in your family or friendship circle will appreciate it.

Two bottles of moscato: a white and a pink.
Our two Moscatos: White and Pink

It’s even easy to match: it is refreshing enough to function as an aperitif. Enjoyed after a meal, for a toast, at a brunch… It is truly a standout choice.

We offer both a white Moscato and a Pink Moscato. The traditional white Moscato is refreshing: bright florals and cherry blossom characters with a zesty, spritzy soft palate, the perfect party wine. The Pink Moscato is picked from our red Muscat vineyard, is full of bright strawberry fruits with a creamy spritzy finish and is a delicious twist on the original. Both are perennial favourites at our cellar doors. Pick them up, and keep them on hand all year round: you’ll find yourself looking for something to celebrate!

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