Moscato: Your Best Friend At Dessert Time


Searching for a wine that will complement desserts can be tough. But there is one wine we keep coming back to, time after time. And that wine is Moscato.

Our Moscato is fresh and fruity, with spritzy bubbles.

Created in Italy’s Northwest region of Piedmont, it’s well known for its characteristic floral aroma, tinged golden appearance and natural sweetness. The grape, Muscat, from which it is made, is well known for its sweet musky fragrance. Whilst a Moscato is still stunning on its own or as an aperitif, paired with a dessert, it adds a delicate yet zesty touch to your meal. This wine is appealing for both experienced and inexperienced drinkers. Those with a more sophisticated palate are able to appreciate the exquisite and airy texture of the Moscato and its ideal balance between sweet and acidic. The wine, however, is still sweet and fruity enough for those who are new to wine.


Meanwhile our Pink Moscato is a sparkling blend of dark berry flavours

Wine, enjoyed with a meal, is meant to enhance your enjoyment of the food. This is the first principle of wine matching– it applies just as much to dessert as it does to the main course. Some shy away from this particular sector of wine pairing, preferring to end the meal with a coffee or tea. While we’re big fans of both, we know this: they’ve got nothing on a properly matched dessert wine… Which brings us to the second principle.

Your wine needs to be at least as sweet as its dessert. That way, it will not be bitter in comparison while still acidic enough to maintain the balance of the dish. While rules are made to be broken, and you’ll no doubt find exceptions somewhere, this is a good principle to follow.   The wine must also harmonise with the flavour of your dessert. A fruity dessert pairs well with a light, sparkling wine, and a rich, chocolatey dessert needs something full-bodied like Tawny.


A pavlova, covered in blueberries, strawberries, and mint leaves. On a white plate sitting on a dark surface where there is a silver cake server.Our Moscato, being light and floral, falls into the former category. Moscato should always be on hand for Christmas celebrations because it is the best friend of the Pavlova. You’ll also find beautiful partnerships in wild berries, lemon cakes, and meringue pies. Lemon cakes in particular mirror the gentle citrus flavours of the wine.

The delicate cascade of bubbles of Moscato of this wine leaves you refreshed and ready to enjoy your final course. For those looking for a light and fresh addition to this meal, Moscato is a dessert wine you cannot underestimate. Try our pink and white varieties: they are wines we’re truly proud of.

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