The St Anne’s Ultimate Guide to Matching For Fortified Wines

If Winter’s got you fantasising about hibernation, here’s what to do…

Grab a bottle of fortified wine. And share it by a fireplace – or even a bar heater if you’re not lucky enough to have one.
What? You don’t have one on hand? Take advantage of our online store and your fortifieds of choice will be delivered straight to your door. You don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas…
Once you’ve got your hands on a bottle, refer to step one. Keep warm, pair your wine well with good food and good company.

Share your perfect pair! Take a photo and tag us on Instagram (@stanneswineryaus) or Facebook – we’ll feature it on our page and share your cooking wisdom with our community – you can do it anytime over Winter!

Strapped for ideas on how to match a Winter-beating fortified? Want to try something new? We’re here for you. Read on…


The St Anne’s Ultimate Guide to Matching For Fortified Wines

As we know a great meal can – and maybe even should – we’re starting with dessert. Fortifieds contain all that beautiful, natural residual sweetness. And that famous pairing rule is this: the wine should be sweeter than the dish. So, what better to pair with a dessert than a fortified?
But just as a note – fortifieds aren’t just for dessert. Amongst these suggestions, you’ll find sweet, savoury, even spicy! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The pairing matches for Tawny Port – Tomato-based stew, blue cheese, a beef meat pie anda chocolate brownie.


We start with a dessert pairing, and with one of Australia’s most-loved fortifieds.
Is there anyone who doesn’t like brownies? We’ve never met one. Any of our Tawnies will bring out the magic in this dessert. If you’re whipping up your own batch, add some walnuts for extra magic. The sweet, nutty notes will bring out the same in the Tawny.

Branching out from chocolate (not that you need t0), there’s dark berry pie – cherry, blackberry, mulberry…
Moving on from dessert, we have a couple of ideas that will set you on the right path. Winter is the perfect time for a warming stew. Swap the red wine in your beef stew for a helping of one of our Tawnies – enjoy the rich, caramelised flavour it will impart.

After or before dinner, a cheese platter never goes astray. For Tawnies, you’ll find the perfect partner in hard, salty cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, or a strong blue cheese like Stilton. We’d love to see pictures of your best cheese board – tag us!


The pairing matches for Muscat: charcuterie (salami meats), sticky date pudding with ice cream, a spicy red curry with chilli, nougat with pistachios.


Two questions: when was the last time you tasted Muscat? And was it after dinner?
If your answers were “too long ago” and “yes”, we’ve got something that might change things for you.
We’re advocates for experiments and for fortified wines, and we’d love to push beyond the after-dinner profile. Spicy curries and noodle dishes are great Winter warmers. So next time you’re making one, get out a bottle of Muscat! It might help to quell the spice. It’s not a conventional combination, but if you’re up to it, we’d love to hear how it went!

Heading back into more tried-and-tested territory, we’ve got the cheese platter pairings for you:
try a charcuterie platter, adorned with blue cheese or a mature, crumbly cheddar. Add a little nougat or chilli chocolate on the side for a special treat.

And here’s the classic pairing: sticky date pudding! Who could say no to that? This pair are so well matched you’ll start to think they were made for each other.

The pairing matches for Tokay – creme bruleee, fruit cake/ christmas pudding, baklava, and maple syrup.


Tokay is a dessert lover’s dream. If you’re thinking of a Christmas in July, you’d be mad not grab a bottle. Those who love a good fruitcake or a Christmas pudding will love a good Tokay. Sweet preserved fruits prevail here, so feel free to include some glace cherries to your cake. If you’re a real whiz in the kitchen, creme brulee is up for consideration, as is baklava. But one pairing we get really excited about is Tokay with our nostalgic favourite – Golden Syrup Dumplings. So here’s your excuse to whip up a batch of those, if you haven’t lately.
Pairing matches for white port: ice cream, mille feuille or vanilla slice, almonds, or berries: blueberries and raspberries

White Fortified

We all know that person who can eat ice cream all year round. And look, as long as you’re not standing on a blustery shoreline, why can’t you enjoy one the world’s greatest culinary pleasures? Take your White Fortified with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream – just stay warm while you do it! Keeping with vanilla, what about a delicious, custardy Vanilla Slice? Or the French equivalent, Mille Feuille?
If you’re only looking for something light, try some roasted and salted almonds. Or some fresh berries.

Whatever pairing you decide on, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Facebook or on Instagram (@stanneswineryaus). We look forward to seeing your creative – and your conventional – combinations!

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