Fortified Wines for Dessert: The Best of Both Worlds


Pairing wine with dessert is a serious process.

To select the best dessert wine, you must consider the acidity, intensity and sweetness of both the wine and the dessert. Here’s a little advice on how to combine your dessert and wine for the perfect after-dinner treat!

We make a few wines that could be broadly classified as “dessert wines”. And some of those can be used to make desserts, too! Yum!

The first candidate is Moscato. It has an outstanding ability to unite creaminess and fruitiness: a feature of the best desserts. But it still maintains a brisk lasting finish–  correctly made Moscatos are not overly sweet. Ours have delicate, intricate fruit flavours, both in the pink and white varieties.


It might surprise you to hear this, but Moscato is the perfect wine to use when preparing desserts.

Use it in a wide variety of sweets: try making delicious strawberry moscato cupcakes– use our pink or white Moscato in the icing! Or use Moscato as part of your lemon curd when making a lemon tart! You’ll also find peach and moscato sorbets out there– this one comes highly recommended!

If you’re more of a chocolate fan, we’ve got you covered! 

Our chocolate liqueur is the perfect blend of fine tawny port and luscious chocolate. It’s made in partnership with the Echuca Chocolate Company: it’s the result of two parties dedicated to their crafts.  With the best tawny and the best chocolate, we’re certain this is the only chocolate liqueur you’ll need for drinking and for mixing.

Tawny and chocolate are a terrific flavour pairing as the fruity flavours of wine compliment the rich dark flavours of the chocolate. Chocolate and wine are a time-tested combination: there’s evidence that the French have been making chocolate-and-wine liqueurs since before 1666. And it’s not just the French who are long-time fans!

Prior to the 18th century American revolution, chocolate liqueur was a popular drink in New England. It’s still commonly used to mix drinks and create luscious sweet fortified desserts. In the United States, you’ll find  rich soufflés, and even what is known as a “Grasshopper Pie.”  It’s a wicked combination of chocolate, mint, and chocolate liqueurs, named for the Grasshopper Cocktail whose flavours it bears.

If you’re still looking for ideas, what about chocolate liqueur brownies. Enough said; it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Our gorgeous dessert wines are an essential ingredient for your next dinner party. You can shop online, or come visit us for a tasting! We’d love to see you and tell you a little more about how our wines are made.

A delicious fruity fortified
Our Moscato is fresh and fruity, with spritzy bubbles.
Our Pink Moscato is a sparkling blend of dark berry flavours
A delicious blend of fine Tawny and beautiful chocolate
Beautiful sweet white fortified wine and white chocolate


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