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St. Anne’s Philosophy

Experience the essence of superior vineyard management coupled with exquisite wine-making at St. Anne’s Winery, a family-driven legacy with over 50 years of experience.  Stemming from a profound passion for crafting exceptional Australian wines, our philosophy centers on showcasing the unique terroir of our vineyards spanning across Victoria and New South Wales.  Our premium wines, from dry reds and whites and sparklings to our fruity range and of course, our unique selection of fortified wines, reflect a dynamic range sourced from multiple vineyards in renowned regions, including Heathcote and Bendigo. 

The History of St. Anne’s Winery

As a family-owned and run winery, St. Anne’s Winery began its legacy in the Pentland Hills at Myrniong, Victoria, in 1972 as the Australian wine industry was beginning to take its roots.  With a shared passion for wine-making, Allan and Shirley McLean planted the seeds and laid the foundations of the St. Anne’s legacy.  True pioneers of their time, St. Anne’s was more than just a vineyard then, it was a venture into uncharted territory of viticulture. Located about an hour outside of Melbourne perched in a high and cool viticultural site, Myrniong is a unique and challenging environment with typically long growing seasons. This results in low-yield high-quality fruit. Our flagship Riesling, along with our other plantings of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz thrive in these conditions.  These days, our Myrniong location boasts a historic, colonial feel, constructed from bluestone and featuring a 300-seat restaurant perfect for weddings or events amidst landscaped gardens.  

St. Anne’s Winery Echuca Moama, located in the Perricoota Wine Region, embodies true family tradition with a unique charm. Constructed from local rammed earth and corrugated iron, our Moama Cellar Door boasts an outback theme with contemporary design. Perricoota, meaning Red Kangaroo, stands as one of Australia’s burgeoning wine regions, and St Anne’s proudly holds the title of the largest winery in the area, featuring 500 acres of vineyards. The region’s deep red duplex clay/loam soils, consistent growing seasons, and quality water contribute to our focus on warm climate varieties.  Amidst these warmer conditions, St Anne’s also crafts exceptional fortified Tawnies, Muscats, and liqueurs from estate-grown vines, available at our Cellar Door in the historic Port of Echuca. Indulge in a diverse range of carefully aged fortifieds, including those aged 5-15 years in French oak and ex-spirit barrels, complemented by an extensive display of handcrafted port barrels, ready for tasting and purchase. 

Expanding in the late 2000s, our Lorne cellar door on the Great Ocean Road welcomes locals and tourists, offering a full wine range and unique gifts. In 2021, we acquired a Bendigo vineyard, expanding our repertoire of fine wines even further. The ironstone-rich soils promise depth and complexity, while the estate’s gardens and function area enhance the overall experience, making it a perfect venue for weddings and events. St. Anne’s Vineyards invites you to savor our handcrafted wines and embrace the diverse experiences we offer across Victoria.

Explore the rich legacy of St Anne’s Winery, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle.

St Anne’s Wine

Now, in 2024, Allan and Shirley have passed along the knowledge of the craft to their son Richard, who during his time as Chief Winemaker has ushered in the present era of St. Anne’s Winery. 

Over the past decade, we’ve embraced a culture of sourcing top-tier fruit from our multiple vineyards, enriching our diverse and ever-expanding portfolio of premium wines.  

From the foothills of Mount Alexander in Bendigo and Myrniong in Victoria, to the Perricoota wine region on the banks of the Murray River, St. Anne’s Winery strives to continue to empower our legacy on both a domestic and international level.  Through consistent craftsmanship, dedication, and innovation, we have been privileged to expand our export portfolio beyond Australia, to include Vietnam and China.  

At St. Anne’s Winery, our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in every bottle, serving as a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and tradition. Raise a glass to the extraordinary – taste the difference.  

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