What’s On: May at St. Anne’s Winery


It’s a new month! Can you believe it’s already May? 

We’re finally seeing a real change in the seasons as we travel between our winery locations across Central Victoria and New South Wales.  May marks the beginning of the end of Autumn here in our corner of the world, and it’s a time of celebration at the vineyard.  Join us in unpacking the month of May and everything this month holds at St. Anne’s Winery!

The End of Harvest Season

Our harvest season came and went in a blink of an eye!  It’s a time when the vineyard is a constant bustle of activity because from dusk till dawn, our team of harvesters and winemakers are working to pick each vine in the vineyard to ensure only the finest fruit makes its way into our wine.  Now, we’re winding down and working on the next steps of the winemaking process – as the initial fermentation competes, we start to get wines into barrels for maturation.  Of course, some styles like Pinot Gris can be prepared for bottling immediately.  Actually, some of our 2024 harvest, the Pinto Gris, Moscato and Alfresco Crush, will all be bottled and on their way to your glass by the middle of the year!

Autumn Foliage & Vineyard Views

As the leaves start to turn, our vineyard transforms into a picturesque landscape of reds, oranges, and golds. Visit one of our wineries during this golden period and take some time to stroll the grounds to soak in the breathtaking beauty of the autumn leaves against our lush grapevines. 

Autumn Wine Pairings

The change in season doesn’t just bring colder temperatures, but a total change in preferred flavour profiles!  Explore our selection of Autumn Specials, curated to complement more robust flavours of the season!  From a hearty beef stew paired with a spiced Cabernet Sauvignon or an oaky Chardonnay with a brown butter sage sauce, discover your perfect autumn pairing to elevate your seasonal dining.

Winery Events & Festivities

Just because the seasons change, doesn’t mean the fun has to end!  Join us for a number of upcoming events at the winery, including pop-up dining experiences, workshops, Pizza Sundays, wine tastings and more!

Even then, we have fun on the weekdays too!  Our Cellar Doors are open every day for wine tastings and cheese platters, so stop by for a midweek glass whenever you want.  

Explore what’s happening this month at your local St. Anne’s HERE.

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