At St. Anne’s, we’re dedicated to the very best in fortified wine– and of course wine in general. But this isn’t about all wine. It’s about Tawny Port, and how to maximise its potential.

We’ve put together a bit of a guide for the best Port, best care, and the way to get the best out of the wine itself. Even the best vintages from the Duoro Valley– the origin of this fine fortified.

The Best Port Vintages

It’s not every year that we release a vintage. And it shouldn’t be– not every year in Port’s home of Portugal is, either! We are very selective about which years we designate a vintage. But keep an eye out– there’s one on the horizon.

We understand that it is the growing conditions that make or break a harvest– and make a vintage. In our region, we tend to have a climactic profile that makes for great Tawny Ports: cold, wet winters…. Hot summers. However, this is a generalisation: different grape varieties respond differently to the conditions. Many, in fact, respond well to very hot conditions and give their best results in harsh, dry years.

That’s why we say that it’s the knowledge and experience of the winemaker that makes for the best wines. They will know the intricacies of their grapes and how to make them perform at their best.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all in the harvest. Amongst wines, Port has perhaps the highest ageing potential. Here’s how to take advantage of that potential…

The Best Way to Age Port

When you buy a bottle of our Tawny Port, you can safely assume that it is time to drink it! However, they are still going to age gracefully in the bottle. There are plentiful anecdotes about those who’ve found a bottle in their grandparents’ pantry that’s been there for forty or so years… And have inadvertently uncovered stunning wines. It’s the high alcohol content that slows spoiling – whilst still developing new levels of mature sophistication. If you’re looking for a St Anne’s Tawny to cellar, our suggestions are the Liqueur Tawny, the Foundry, or the Bluegrass varieties. But if you’re looking for something a little more involved, here is our suggestion: try barrel ageing your own!


At St. Anne’s, we cater for those who love wine just as much as we do! We sell small-bar-top barrels that allow you to experiment with the ageing process yourself! After all, Tawny is prime for barrel ageing, and the petite size of the barrel gives you an accelerated maturation process! The fine oak that we use to handcraft these barrels imparts a beautiful flavour. Using this technique, you can further this transfer of flavours and create something truly beautiful. It comes highly recommended to all connoisseurs of fortified wine.

For the lovers of Tawny Port out there, we offer our enthusiasm for this great wine. We are proud of our extensive range, and would love to offer you a tasting at one of our cellar doors in Myrniong, Echuca Moama, or Lorne. For those who can’t make the journey, however, our cellar door is open 24/7 online!