Local Christmas Gift Set – The Ultimate

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$643.00 $550.00

It doesn’t get better than this.  The absolute best! And amazing value!



The Ultimate Gift.  You can really spoil someone here:

Handcrafted Oak Barrel – beautiful 5 litre barrel filled with our Famous Bluegrass Tawny, complete with tap, stand and decorative bung!

Hand made turned oak barrel dipper (so you know how much is left in your barrel!)

St Anne’s Sparkling Shiraz

St Anne’s Sparkling Brut

Gift box of 375ml Muscat and 375ml Cellar Reserve Tawny

St Anne’s Bluegrass Tawny (2 litre)

St Anne’s Liqueur Tawny 375ml

Handmade Oak Barrel platter – ideal cheese or fruit platter made from our winery barrels!

Set of 6 St Anne’s Wine Glasses

Set of 6 St Anne’s Port Glasses

Freshly roasted coffee beans (500g) from Echuca Coffee Roasters

Assorted Rock from Echuca Chocolate Company

Classic Humbugs from Echuca Chocolate Company

Raspberry Drops from Echuca Chocolate Company

Mini Assorted Rock from Echuca Chocolate Company