Local Christmas Gift Set – The Fortified Wine Sampler Pack

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An absolute delight for the Fortified Wine lover!



Know someone who loves Muscat, Tawny and Topaque:

Gift box of 375ml Muscat and 375ml Cellar Reserve Tawny

St Anne’s Bluegrass Tawny, 750ml

St Anne’s Liqueur Tawny 375ml

St Anne’s White Fortified, 750ml – an absolute favourite!

Echuca Chocolate Company Classic Chocolate Liqueur

St Anne’s Liqueur Topaque 375ml

Set of 6 St Anne’s Port Glasses

Freshly roasted coffee beans (500g) from Echuca Coffee Roasters

Assorted Rock from Echuca Chocolate Company

Classic Humbugs from Echuca Chocolate Company

Raspberry Drops from Echuca Chocolate Company

Mini Assorted Rock from Echuca Chocolate Company

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 32 cm