Echuca Coffee Roasters Premium Coffee Blends

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Echuca Coffee Roasters premium range of coffee beans.  Spoil yourself with cafe quality freshly roasted coffee at home!



Premium coffee from our local producer.  Use the check-boxes to select your coffee blend, bag size and level of grinding.  It’s easy!

Confluence- House Blend

Our beautifully well balanced Arabica blend showcasing a smooth deep rich body, with floral nuances, and exceptional bittersweet chocolate flavours.

Espresso Velluto

Deep syrupy body with rich dark chocolate notes and finished with a bite.

Peru Decaf

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss water method.  A sweet and strong aroma is enhanced by a rich and sweet full flavour ending with an earthy silky finish.

Brazil Ipanema

Grown at elevations of 2-4,000 feet, this coffee is low acid and produces exceptional bittersweet chocolate flavours.

Colombia Supremo

Clean and balanced acidity with a hint of spice and a sweet berry note up front. Delivers a syrupy, full body and a lovely cocoa / malt roasted hazelnut finish.


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