With the renewed social interest in reducing waste, and ‘upcycling’, the wine industry hasn’t been silent. We at St. Anne’s are a part of this: by request, we have half wine barrels for sale!

While wine barrels are essential in creating the wonderful woody flavours in our wines, they’re not known for their longevity. With some only being usable for three vintages, wine barrels can be a serious expense for the environment. Especially seeing as some oaks need to grow for 300 years before they are ready.  So at St. Anne’s we are hoping that we can help the situation a little by offering our customers our high-quality half wine barrels for sale.

Now you may ask, “What on earth would someone do with an empty wine barrel?” Especially one that’s been cut in half! But there are some pretty simple DIY projects that’ll take you less than a weekend to complete. You can create gorgeous and useful pieces of furniture and decoration at home!

Inside and Out

One of the most popular projects is turning your wine barrels into coffee tables. By cutting a wine barrel lengthwise in half, and topping the open side with glass, stone or a slab of matching wood, you can create a functional and beautiful piece of furniture to enhance any rustic or country-themed home.

Or, if you prefer your rustic elements to stay outside, half wine barrels can make perfect pet beds and dog kennels. Place a durable pillow and cover inside the open barrel, and you can immediately create a fantastic and comfortable bed for your four-legged friends. And it doesn’t stop there! At your next barbeque, party or event, why not try using a half wine barrel as a drinks cooler! Simply fill the barrel with ice and your favourite bottles of wine…. And there you have it! An easy and wildly attractive addition to your next outdoor event. Really, this DIY couldn’t be simpler.

A Rustic Garden

But perhaps the most common use for old and empty wine barrels is in the garden. If you’re keen on using recyclable materials and prefer the homey, rustic atmosphere to be in your garden, not your house, turning a wine barrel into a planter is a perfect idea. This is especially true if you don’t have much garden space, and want a small garden to fit on a courtyard or balcony. Wine barrels make perfect homes for almost any plant, but what is truly remarkable is their depth allows for barrels to be the perfect planter for small fruit and citrus trees, and for planting root vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

No matter what style you prefer, used half wine barrels make the perfect addition to a home or garden, and who wouldn’t want to do something to help the planet, when it also looks so good!

Buy some whole empty barrels online, or visit one of our cellar doors where you’ll find our half wine barrels for sale to the public. Visit us and truly take your pick!

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